The Gaza Border Pallywood crew came just in time!

by Avi Abelow

Arabs in Gaza are also actors, if you didn’t know. Take a look at this Pallywood scene. Pallywood is a word that combines “Palestinian” and “Hollywood.”

Arabs in Gaza

Arabs in Gaza try to fool the world. There is a name for the way that Palestinian Arabs manipulate the media and stage fake news. It is called Pallywood. In this Pallywood scene, Arabs pretend that they rescued one of their own from Israeli brutality near the Gaza-Israel security fence.

But you can see at the end that the guy gets off the stretcher and runs away. He is not injured. But the world will watch scenes like that and believe them. It happens quite often, actually.

The Truth about the Gaza Border

Things are often heated at the Gaza border. But not because of Israeli brutality, as the world wants you to think. The reason things are heated is because Hamas controls Gaza. They send rockets and explosives into Israel. They send their own people to the security fence with knives and weapons to try to infiltrate the border and harm Israelis. And yes, sometimes, the IDF has to shoot. And yes, sometimes, people are killed. But the ones who are killed are mainly terrorists. When you hear about an “innocent” Palestinian Arab child being targeted by Israeli forces, it is false. Israeli soldiers do not target innocent children. They only aim at those who put the lives of their own people in danger. And many times, Hamas sends children to do dangerous terrorist acts. So if Israel has to shoot, they will.

So when you see images and videos of “Israeli brutality” in Gaza, you should know that it is nothing more than a Pallywood scene.


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