Pallywood’s finest actors made it to Gaza

by Leah Rosenberg

Welcome to Pallywood, the cutting edge of Middle East fake news created to make Israel look bad. Pallywood refers to staged productions that “palestinian” Arabs act hurt or injured. Unfortunately, journalists are so eager to make Isreal look bad in the media that they publish news items based on these fake productions.

What happens is actually very simple. Arabs are told how to act to make it look as if they are injured. Sometimes they just fall and cry out in pain. Other times special effects personnel touch them up with makeup to make it look as if they are injured. Then they edit the videos to make it look as if they are injured by IDF fire. Once the videos are ready, they upload them to social media and make headline news. Sad but true, news organizations do not first vet these videos, but jump and blame Israel for all the injuries.

Watch and read more about Pallywood here.

Gaza Marches & Pallywood

The recent Gaza marches are one huge Pallywood production. Hamas is using these marches to create videos and images of “peaceful”, non-violent protests. However, in reality, these are marches used as cover for terrorist activities they are doing against Israel both above and below ground.

Watch and read more about the truth of the Gaza marches here.

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