The mission that saved the world from Syria’s nuclear reactor

by Michael Sax

Did Israel bomb Syria in 2007? How did they do it? Was Syria really building a secret nuclear weapons program? Get the answers right here.

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In 1981, Israel saved the world from Iraq obtaining nuclear weapons. Now, for the first time, Israel has acknowledged that in 2007, they saved the world from Syria having a nuclear weapon. Can you imagine the alternative?

Around midnight on September 5th, 2007, four Israeli Air Force jets bombed a nuclear reactor near Damascus, Syria. They completely destroyed it. Assad and the North Koreans had been building a plutogenic reactor for years already. The site contained a gas-cooled, graphite-moderated reactor that was capable of producing weapons grade plutonium.
Israeli intelligence had been gathering information for two years on how to destroy it and who was behind it. The mission was one of the most successful operations the IDF has ever carried out in 70 years.

Lt.-Col. Dror, one of the Israeli pilots who bombed the nuclear reactor in Syria stated: “We understood the significance of what we were doing.” In 2008, Israel’s actions were vindicated when the IAEA confirmed the site had abnormally high levels of uranium. Now, with Assad’s horrific campaign of death and destruction, the whole world thanks Israel for taking action.

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they were a Star of David.

Muslim Extremist and weapons

People can use nuclear power to produce energy for peaceful purposes. For example, they can use it for medical purposes. However, it can also be used to produce devastating weapons. Consequently, when Muslim extremist weapons get these, the potential for mass murder is horrific. We have seen in recent times how Assad used chemical weapons against the Syrian people. If he had the potential to commit more mass murder with nuclear weapons, he would most likely do so. The IDF saved countless Israelis, Syrians, and other people as it seeks to stop mass murderers bent on Israel’s destruction from acquiring nuclear weapons. Therefore, Israel’s actions deserve much praise.

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