The REAL intolerance taking place at the Temple Mount!

by Leah Rosenberg

If you want to know why Liberals should not support a two-state solution, this is why. Just take a look at the Muslims’ intolerance at the Temple Mount.

Two-State Solution?

The idea of a two-state solution makes absolutely no sense. Many Palestinian Arabs do not want to live in peace with the Jewish people. So creating two states side by side would not result in anything peaceful. It would just give terrorists a better chance at destroying the Jewish state. You can see what happened in Gaza. A beautiful place was replaced with terrorism and hate. They could have had a state. But they chose not to. And instead, they fire rockets and start wars.

Temple Mount

What happens on the Temple Mount gives the world a glimpse at what a two-state solution would look like. The Muslims are intolerant on Judaism’s holiest site. Jews are not allowed to pray there. On their own holy site, Jews cannot walk unattended.

Can you imagine what a Palestinian Arab state would look like? Liberals want tolerance and peace. But do they know what that means? Because clearly, what happens on the Temple Mount with Muslims in control is the definition of intolerance! Liberals need to wake up to the truth! The whole world needs to wake up!

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