Iran’s Morality Police Beat Iranian Girl in the Park

by Avi Abelow

Women are being beaten in the streets of Iran by the morality police and the feminists in the West are absolutely silent. This is the Iranian regime. Regime change is necessary in Iran not because we hate Iran, but because the Islamic Regime of Iran oppresses the Iranian people! The Islamic regime also wants to destroy Israel and the West, but first and foremost it persecutes its own people!

This is a video of street harassment by Iran’s morality police. A young girl was savagely beaten in a park as her hair was too visible. The entire incident was filmed.

My Stealthy (Iranian) freedom is a facebook group that exposes the Iranian persecution of the Iranian people, with a focus on the women of Iran. They are constantly asking Iranian women to send videos of being harassed so they can show the videos to the world and cause a change for Iran.

Last week the group called on world media, female politicians and the #MeToo movement for help. The Iranian judiciary system said women who film their harassers would face up to 10 years in jail for recording the incidents. They will do everything they can to not let the regime silence them and they asked the world for support.

The group is running a #MyCameraIsMyWeapon campaign and they made the above video of the incident go viral, forcing the government officials to speak.

Ever since they launched the campaign they have received countless of videos of similar street harassment of ordinary people by pro-regime people. The Iranian authorities do not want the world to see how they treat Iranian women.

The Iranian people looking to be free of this oppression is asking all of us to be their voice and support them.

Unfortunately, the so-called “feminists” and progressives of the West, like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and the leaders of the “women’s march” like Linda Sarsour are all silent about this true oppression of women. Too bad they are not sincere about standing up for women’s rights. Otherwise, they would be standing up strong against the oppression of the Islamic Iranian regime.


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