The New York Times’ article that crossed every line

by Leah Rosenberg

Many newspapers share ridiculous, inaccurate information. But this New York Times’ article is out of control, and it is SHOCKING that it was published.

New York Times’ Article

Michael Knowles explains this New York Times’ article that tried to say that Conservatives (and others) are to blame for people becoming far-right radicals. Everything about the article is dishonest. The title is “The Making of a YouTube Radical.” Firstly, the photos of the people plastered in the newspaper whom they said were “radical” were far from it. And when you hear Knowles talk about who the people are who were presented as examples of radicals, it really makes you wonder about the New York Times.

Far Left Claims All of Us are Radical

The far left believes anyone who is slightly to the right of them is a radical. Being a Christian is radical. Being a mainstream Conservative is radical. Disagreeing with Liberals is radical. Basically, not associating with the far left makes one a radical. Does that even make sense? It is true – there are people on the far right who ARE radicals. Just as there are people on the far left who are radicals. But people like Michael Knowles and Ben Shapiro are not radicals. Dave Rubin is not a radical.

If the New York Times was willing to publish such a false and ridiculous article like this, you can now get a glimpse at how many other articles are completely misleading and deceptive. There are just too many to count. And that’s scary.

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