When Gazan terrorists themselves prove George Galloway wrong

by Leah Rosenberg

George Galloway is at it again. He is a terrible antisemite who spreads lies about Israel. But the terrorists themselves prove what he said was SO wrong!

George Galloway and Gaza

Listen to the way George Galloway sides with the terrorists in Gaza and sympathizes with them. He claimed that “little children are being murdered every Friday by snipers.” But that statement could not be farther from the truth. You can hear what the terrorists themselves say. One child says, “The revolutionary songs excite you, they encourage you to rip an Israeli’s head off.” Women try to distract the IDF and line up like human shields so that the men can infiltrate the border and kill Israelis. There are no “little children being murdered every Friday by snipers.” There are the terrorists and the Hamas supporters. What does Galloway have to say about that?

Terrorist Sympathizers

Do people like George Galloway really believe that supporting terrorism is right? Is their hatred for the Jewish people and Israel so strong that they don’t even care that Israel is a democracy fighting against the evil that surrounds it?

Galloway tried to spread utter lies about the Jewish state. But the terrorists tell him otherwise. The terrorists openly admit their true goals. And it is alarming that so much of the world chooses to ignore it. It is frightening to live in a world with so much evil. But it is even more frightening to live in a world that doesn’t condemn that obvious evil.

Dr. Risch

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