The story of the Palestinian Arab that everyone MUST know!

by Avi Abelow

What an unbelievable story. There are many Arabs who live in Israel. But the reason this Arab received Israeli residency status will shock you!

Israeli Residency Status

The story of the Palestinian Arab who received Israeli residency status for saving and then protecting a Jewish family from further terrorism is unbelievable. There are so many heroic factors about what took place three years ago. It is unique for a Palestinian Arab to decide to help Jews who were injured from a terror attack by one of his own! But on top of that, when further terrorists tried to harm the surviving members of the Mark family, this Arab, who has to remain nameless for safety reasons, still risked his life to protect the Jewish family.

Jewish vs Palestinian Arab Society

When the Israeli Minister of Interior said that the Arab who was given residency status belongs in Israel, he was saying a lot. That Arab does not belong in a culture that terrorizes others. He does not belong in a culture that murders innocent people. And sadly, the Palestinian Arab culture in Judea and Samaria where this Arab originally lived is a society of hate. It is a society that wants to murder. Yes, there are exceptions – as we see from this story. But it is just the exception. And that needs to change.

We need to continue to stand up for ourselves as Jews and stand up for the Jewish state and its right to exist!


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