Interview with Right-Wing Minister Bezalel Smotrich about the Supreme Court of Israel

by Avi Abelow

The top clip is a short synopsis and the bottom video is his full position on the issue.

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich was just in the headlines for his position that not enough changes have been made to the Supreme Court. To find out what he is he talking about and why, watch the following video.

A number of months ago I was blessed to interview Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich, before he was appointed Minister, so you can hear directly from him his surprising position on Israel’s Supreme Court. The interview is a mix of English and Hebrew, with all the Hebrew being translated.

A Strong Supreme Court is Essential to Democracy

Many people might be surprised to hear but Minister Smotrich is a huge supporter of a strong Supreme Court because no Democratic Parliament should be allowed to do anything it wants. A healthy democracy needs a healthy balance of checks and balances between the different branches of government.

However, Minister Smotrich’s issue with the current state of Israel’s Supreme Court is that is has taken away too many powers from the legislative branch, weaking Israeli democracy by changing the balance between the legislative branch and the judicial branch.

The changes Minister Smotrich wants to make are to enable Israel to once again become a healthy democracy with the right balance between the different branches and return the Supreme Court to fulfill its key role, which today it is not doing.

Full Interview

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