Brave Australians Stop Muslim Terrorist Stabbing Rampage

by Avi Abelow

One woman was killed with others injured in a Muslim terror attack in downtown Sydney. The terrorist’s rampage was stopped by brave people on the street.

The Muslim terrorist has been identified as 21-year-old Mert Nay of Marayong. He ran through downtown Sydney stabbing people, mostly women. He used a butchers knife and just ran up and down the street stabbing people. He killed one woman and injured others.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said that “information was found on him that would suggest he had some ideologies related to terrorism, but he has no links to terrorism … he has no apparent links to terror organisations,”. He continued by calling him a “lone” actor.

What Australian, and most Western authorities, prefer to ignore, is that by screaming Allah Akbar, the terrorist made know that his motive is his Muslim religion. Muslim terrorists do not need to be part of a terror organization to commit terror attacks. They are incited to act this way by some of their religious leaders. In addition to punishing the terrorist, Australian authorities must find the Muslim leaders who incited him. Then they must punish him/them by expelling him/them. Religious incitement in Mosques and Islamic schools to murder non-Muslims must be punishable. That is the only solution.

Interview with some of the Brave Passerbyers Who Stopped the Terrorist

One of the people on the street used a chair to corner the terrorist, while another used a milk crate. All of these brave people deserve a medal for stopping the Muslim terrorist and his stabbing rampage.

Police Superintendent David Wood said the men who tackled the alleged offender were “significant brave,” and likely stopped further attacks.

Arab Incitement
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