The Woman That Will Take Down Ilhan Omar

by Gavriel Dan

Dalia al-Aqidi the woman who seeks to unseat Ilhan Omar is also a Muslim refugee who cam to America seeking a better life, but according to al-Aqidi the comparisons end there.

Not only refugee, al-Aqidi is a famed international journalist. “I am immune to her identity politics,” Dalia al-Aqidi says as she explains why she is the best to take her on.

When talking about Israel she adds : “Antisemitism is a very irrational hatred. It makes you that makes you do bad things to Jews.”

“Ilhan Omar and the are left ate planning on destroying Israel,” Dalia inserts. “Not only Jews but any company that doesn’t agree with their hatred.”

Ultimately, Ilhan Omar is spending more time trying to destroy Israel than focusing on getting jobs for those on Minnesota’s 5th district. This may be her undoing.

Dalia al-Aqidi believes in less government and freedom. Something she believes those in the 5th district want.

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