Israel Receiving Miracle Rains

by Phil Schneider

This year has certainly been a miraculous year in Israel as far as rain goes. Boardwalks that used to be 10 feet above the waterline are now splashing with waves from the Sea of Galilee. The Sea of Galilee is indeed at a high that has not been seen in many years.

Why is water so important to the Land of Israel? Well, it goes back a long time. The idea of a drought in the Land of Israel is not a modern invention of the Start-Up Nation. It is written in the Bible itself. The Land of Israel is a place that God shows His love and wrath through rainwater. But it’s not that simple. When the very first Jew, Abraham, came to the Land of Israel, God brought a drought onto the Land. This forced Abraham out of the Land temporarily. The Jewish people ended up in Egypt a couple of generations later when God brought a drought onto the Land. Joseph miraculously rose to become the Viceroy of Egypt and ended up rescuing his brothers and entire family from famine in the Land of Israel.

But more often than not, the idea of a famine in the Land is indeed a curse that God brings upon His people when they don’t follow His commands. So, for years, as the waters of the Sea of Galilee receded, more and more felt that perhaps the people of Israel simply did not deserve the gifts of rainwater that we hopes for. Therefore, over the last 2 years, as more and more rainwater came down, there have been prayer gatherings of thanks to God for all of the abundance He has poured down on the Jewish people. Indeed, it is a wonderful blessing!

Col. Kemp

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