Free Speech in America is Under Threat

by Phil Schneider

Free Speech is one of the basic building blocks of the United States of America. But, like everything else in this world that is good, there needs to be limits to it also. In today’s day and age, the limits of free speech are being tested – on many levels.

Free Speech is precious because it is one of the basic tenets of freedom in our lives. We, who were born and who have lived our entire lives in the United States, can easily take for granted things like freedom of speech. It is hard for us to envision a world where speaking your mind can put you in jail or have you lose your career. But this was the norm in the Soviet Union and it’s satellites for many decades.

Freedom of speech, along with other freedoms, such as the right to bear arms, are some of the key tenets that insure that the life as free individuals will continue and to keep the threats of tyranny at bay. It is so easy to fall prey to the false argument that less guns in people’s hands will bring less terrorism. This may or may not be true. But, there is no question that more guns insures that we will not lose control of the United States to a despot or a tyrant. The same goes for free speech. The more we allow free speech, the more we will have people’s emotions annoyed and bothered. But, if we allow free speech, then we are opening up the gates of tyranny. Let free speech reign, and let’s grow up and be able to take some criticism.

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