The US Is About To Arm India Against China – Is War On The Horizon?

by Micha Gefen

The Great Game of the 21st Century keeps going as the US makes overtures to India in the form of military equipment.


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China’s expansion has alarmed the West and to many their global hegemony appears to be a foregone conclusion. After all they are now the number one economy in the world, having finally surpassed the USA. Their military expansion is worrisome and their control over vital natural resources gives them an edge over everyone.

After the Afghanistan fiasco, the Biden administration needs a win and it needs new partners to begin blocking China from irreversibly controlling the world. They have already decided to support Taiwan and now America appears ready to supply India with some serious weaponry to counteract China.

While this is a good sign that the US has decided to begin boxing in China, the backlash from Beijing against such a move will be unpredictable. Backing India will most likely be seen as a read line by the Chinese Communist Party. After all, China and India are old enemies – both vying for control over the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between them.

If the US is ready to arm India, war may be sooner than we think.

Col. Kemp

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