Former Missionary Speaks Out and Warns of Missionary Attacks Against Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

Shannon Nuszen, a former missionary, shares her fascinating story. She warns of aggressive tactics missionaries use to bring Jews to Jesus.

Former Missionary Warns of Missionaries’ Tactics Against Jews

The story of Shannon Nuszen, a former missionary, is fascinating. She knows how dangerous missionaries are for Jews because she herself was a proud one. She was a stubborn one.

What is so amazing about her past is that it shows anyone can do a complete turnaround and change their lives. Going from a missionary and then converting to the religion you tried to missionize is the perfect example of how no one is stuck in his ways. We all have the power to learn the truth and to change.

Shannon’s warnings are terrifying. The fact that she herself thinks that the missionary situation in Israel is bad is scary because again, she knows. As she said, Shannon sees things that regular Jews cannot because she is familiar with the world of missionaries.

There are so many organizations targeting Jews. There are tens of thousands who identify as Messianic Jews. Shannon Nuszen has worked to stop this; to help her fellow Jews. The vicious tactics she talks about in this video are horrifying. They are aggressive. They are evil. Thank G-d for people like Shannon who have made it their new mission to STOP these missionaries from attacking innocent Jews.

One day, hopefully soon, more of these missionaries will see the truth like Shannon did. And they too will change their lives around.

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