Former Evangelical missionary exposes the dangers of Israel’s “best friend”

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel and the Jewish people have so many friends around the world, including so many Christian friends. Unfortunately, some “friends” take advantage of this friendship.

To the majority of you whom do not take part in this, we want to say thank you!

Message from the Video Creators

2020 was a year of exceptional challenges for those countering the missionary threat in Israel.

There are very few guidelines or legislative directives in place to govern the Israel-Evangelical relationship, which has set the stage for what we are witnessing today – It is open season for missionaries in the Jewish state.

For years the Israeli public has largely been unaware of the magnitude of this problem – because Evangelicals are seen as Israel’s “best friends” due to the political, economic, and philanthropic benefits we in Israel have been receiving from these Christian partners.

As a result of the tremendous benefits these relationship yields, we have experienced great resistance and somewhat of a media blackout on reports that were critical in our exposing the missionary threats facing Israelis today.

Through our combined efforts with Outreach Judaism and many grassroots supporters we were able to expose three major threats targeting the vulnerable Jewish communities here in Israel this year.

Beyneynu ( is a non-profit organization that monitors missionary activity in Israel and works with government and community leaders to create awareness of the challenges facing the public and to facilitate the establishment of proper boundaries in their partnerships with faith-based organizations.

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