What foreign governments are doing to brainwash Israeli children

by Avi Abelow

This does not only affect Israeli children actually, but teachers and administration within the system are at risk as well.

Teaching Israeli Children to Hate Israel

It is not enough for Left-Wing organizations that Israel’s enemies hate Israel, but they want to brainwash Israeli children to hate Israel as well. So much so that they are using the education system in Israel to try to imbue Progressive, anti-Israel values and teach anti-Zionism.

Right off the bat it should be clear that this is harmful. They want to teach that the Holocaust was a universal genocide. That is immoral and wrong. They want to teach that Israelis who suffer in Sderot – Southern Israel – because of terrorism and rocket attacks from Hamas are the same as people in Gaza. Gaza is a center for terrorism. Those innocent people who are indeed suffering in Gaza are suffering at the hands of Hamas and the “Palestinian” Authority – not at the hands of Israel.

We have to care for the future of our children. We have feel safe sending them to school to learn. They should be learning the truth and a love for the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland.

How dare foreign governments try to mess with Israel’s education system and pay organizations to educate children any differently!

Col. Kemp

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