Why the mainstream media is so threatened by free speech

by Phil Schneider

Free speech is one of the most precious things that people in the United States have. But, CNN and many leaders of the Democratic party today argue that the norms of political discourse are under attack through mass disinformation. There is – of course – some truth that there is much disinformation out there today. But, the solution should never ever be to shut down free speech. The solution is more speech.

The mass of disinformation that exists today is dominated by the progressive left. Tucker Carlson properly points out that the massive fallacy that is spread today by CNN and other mass media outlets is that there are massive numbers of unarmed Black Americans that are shot by policemen in America. Carlson points out the important fact that 27 unarmed Black Americans were shot last year. This of course means that there should be investigations into each and every instance of this. But 27 people shot in one year is not a massive national problem. In Chicago, there are more people shot than that on many weekends.

The key to solving problems is not about shutting down people’s rights, but insuring their rights. The solution in the United States and elsewhere is never about less freedom, but about more freedom. The far-Left has begun a deep descent into a much more socialist-oriented agenda. The worst part is not just the attempt to bring everyone to the same flat line. The worst problem is the attempt to cancel freedoms in order to empower a select few that will decide for the masses what is best for them. Tucker Carlson nails it as he explains that the mass media and a few far-left Democrats have the most to lose from freedom of speech. The more people understand the threats to their lifestyle, the more they will complain and hold the far-left responsible.

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