This Israeli Doctor has Some Critical Medical Information that is NOT Being Told

by Phil Schneider

There has been seemingly endless discussion about the proper treatments and vaccines for the coronavirus pandemic. But, once you see this video – a simple interview with a GP in Tel-Aviv, you will find that your eyebrows are permanently raised. Here is the lowdown in a nutshell – Take Vitamin D – it’s really important – now more than ever. As for how much, watch the video.

This is NOT about whether or not someone should take this or that treatment or whether or not someone should take the vaccine or not. It is about a dirt cheap first level of defense against this horrible pandemic that has plagues the world over the last few years. There is no question that there are side effects that exist to some of the other treatments that are going on. Additionally, some of the vaccines also do have some side effects.

But Vitamin D does not seem to have any side effects. And more importantly, it seems according to this Dr. who has been treating patients throughout the entire pandemic, that Vitamin D enhances the immune system before and after one is vaccinated too. It certainly is food for thought. What used to seem as an alternative use of vitamins – applying heavy usage of Vitamin D throughout a pandemic – is actually something that is proving to be a super effective method of preventive health care. The idea is to be pro-active and not reactive.

But the most convincing part of this wide-ranging interview is the record that Dr. Cohen claims he has for treating patients throughout the pandemic. Despite having many patients contract the coronavirus, he claims to have had no serious hospitalizations from ALL of his patients. That is astounding.

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