The Western Wall Prayer that Led to One of the Most Successful Israeli Initiatives

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s amazing what prayer has the power to do. How prayer has the power to inspire thousands and more. This one started at the Western Wall.

The Western Wall Prayer that Led to Koolulam

One prayer at the Western Wall. That is what led Or Taicher, co-founder of Koolulam, to create one of the most amazing initiatives that has become famous worldwide. And because he was inspired and then decided to act on that inspiration, thousands and thousands of others have been inspired as well.

Koolulam has brought people of all faiths and religions together to do one thing: Sing. And it is amazing what this organization has accomplished. All the songs they have taught to countless people. And even when COVID hit, they didn’t stop; they just got more creative and launched something beyond uplifting. All the people they have connected throughout the years is absolutely unbelievable. A “mass singing project,” as Or calls it.

How often do we feel inspiration but then do nothing with it? We don’t go out and create an initiative to inspire others. We just quietly hope the inspiration lasts. Koolulam proves what can happen if one really sets his mind to something and pursues a dream.

This is just another example of what Israel strives to be: A free society. A place where people of all types can live, granted that they are law abiding citizens. Israel does not discriminate. And the amazing initiative of Koolulam has proven that time and time again.

Keep singing!

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