The story of a nation who dared to dream

by Chaya Cikk

This is a story of a nation who had a dream. The Jewish People who had a small dream that turned into a big dream. There are many accomplishments that came from this dream.

A Nation

The nation that is the Jewish People is a small people with a big dream. This story that will inspire you, give you hope that you can do anything. As Theodore Herzl said, “if you will it is no dream”.

The Jewish People have been through so much together. They are a united nation through thick and thin. One of their dreams was to come back, to live in the land of Israel. Returned, they did, the land of Israel was born, a people that returned to their land, after thousands of years. The Jewish People have a vision, they are on a journey with a purpose. This is their story, this is a success story.

The Story

The story started at the beginning of time and goes through centuries. In 1948 the State of Israel was created. With the power and strength that God has given us, the Jewish People had a united front and won wars that many thought they would lose.

Israel is the nation of start ups, Israel has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. This nation is leading the world in science, economics and so much more. Israel came through the horrors of the Holocaust and survived. They rose from the ashes and with their neighbors against them, they raised their heads and marched on.

The story shows us the love the people have for determination. The love the Jews have for the land, the love they have to thrive and succeed despite the odds. This is our story, our legacy, our land, our spirit this is the nation of Israel. No one has as much love in their heart like the Jews have for the Land of Israel.

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