Bill Gates said something about Israel that will make the Israel boycotters furious

by Leah Rosenberg

Bill Gates sees why Israel benefits the world, do you? People try to boycott the Jewish state, but maybe they should hear what Bill Gates and others say.

Bill Gates Knows the Truth

Bill Gates said about Israel, “Israel is by many measures the country, relevant to its population, that’s done most to contribute to the technology revolution.” Warren Buffet also spoke about how Israel is an intelligent country. It has integrity. Energy. And more. Some people really do get it. They get Israel and all that it has to offer and all that it has contributed. They are looking forward to what Israel will develop in the coming years.

The truth about Israel is that it is one of the world leaders in technology. Why would anyone choose to boycott that? They will truly be missing out. It is really just not worth it to boycott the Jewish state.

Israel’s Success

What is so amazing is that Israel has been so successful despite its constant threat of terrorism and annihilation. They always try to build and create more. That is not easy to do in a country like Israel. But Israelis have done it. They have created startups. Developed technology. Medical breakthroughs. Scientific developments. And more. It is truly unbelievable if you take a look at Israel’s accomplishments.

This video is just a tiny glimpse at all that Israel has done. Everywhere from farming to science to religion, Israel has given to the world in so many ways. And they just continue to give more.

Arab Incitement
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