Israel’s military technology is being used across the world!

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel has a lot to offer to the world. You probably never knew how some of Israel’s military technology is being used to help people all across the globe!

Israel’s Military Technology

When people think about Israel’s military technology, they probably don’t think about the fact that it impacts the world at large. It seems like it would just be for Israel and for security. But that is where some people are mistaken. Israeli military technology, such as drones, has helped people worldwide. Farmers have benefitted. Israeli drones have also helped during times of natural disaster. And more! So the next time you think of military technology, know that it not only affects people on the battlefield, but it also helps people in everyday life.

Israel, the Superhero

If someone described Israel, it would sound like a superhero country. Think about it: A country surrounded by hostile nations, yet they have managed to create a thriving democracy. A country where people of all faiths can worship freely. And a country that has saved the world and benefited the world in more ways than you can count. Anyone would want to come and visit this country! But then, some people find out that country is Israel. And those antisemitic Israel boycotters decide that Israel is a terrible place. But if they did not know which country was being described to them, they would definitely think Israel is an amazing place! It is impossible not to. Which is why it is just pure antisemitism. Their logic just does not make sense. The facts all point to Israel being an unbelievable country. And this video is just a drop in the water.

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