Rocket from Gaza destroys Israeli home in central Israel, injuring 7

by Leah Rosenberg

People don’t like to think that rockets from Gaza can reach farther than southern Israel and into Central Israel. But this is the frightening reality.

Rocket Reaches Central Israel

Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel almost incessantly. And it is not just southern Israel that has been affected. Early this morning on March 25, 2019, Hamas fired a rocket from Gaza, destroying an Israeli home in the Sharon Region. The home took a direct hit in an area called Moshav Mishmeret in Kfar Saba. Know the details, because this was a home where a family lived. This is real life. These are real people. Know the details, because they matter. 7 people were injured including a 60 year old woman with shrapnel injuries and burns. A 30 year old woman has shrapnel wounds. 5 others were lightly injured, including children and babies. Others were treated for shock. Only the family’s dog was killed and miraculously, no human life was lost in this attack.

The Frightening Reality

These rockets are real. They are dangerous. They harm and kill people. It is painful to see a baby’s crib destroyed from a rocket. How can anyone live like this? Hamas terrorists are proud to injure Jewish men, women, and children. The threats that Israelis face on a daily basis is traumatizing.

And while these tragic attacks occur, the UN is busy condemning Israel. They are busy holding emergency meetings to hear the way Israel “mistreats” Palestinian Arabs, which is false. Can these UN members really look at images of a crib destroyed by rocket fire and condemn Israel but not Hamas? Do they really have the audacity to ignore these chilling images and the reality Israel faces? Would the UN Security Council let this happen to their own children? Indeed, the world is completely upside down. Can things be turned the right way again?

New Israeli Prime Minister
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