Fires sweep across Israel destroying community and evacuating thousands

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s always devastating when fires sweep across Israel – a tiny country. And this time was extremely catastrophic, burning down almost an entire community.

Investigators have evidence that this was arson. It is known that Arabs use arson as a terror weapon. While no conclusive evidence exists yet, there is good reason to believe that this was an arson terror attack that destroyed an Israeli community.

Fires Sweep Israel due to Heatwave

Terrible wildfires ravaged across Israel just before the weekend. Communities had to be evacuated. In fact, thousands were evacuated. The country suffered from the unbearable temperatures. Neighborhoods outside Jerusalem and in central Israel witnessed fires. Highways were closed. Torah scrolls were taken from synagogues to be saved.

Community Destroyed

Mevo Modiim, founded by the famous Rabbi and singer Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, was essentially completely destroyed. 55 out of 60 homes burned down. There is still an investigation as to the exact cause. Mevo Modiim opened up their community throughout the year and on different holidays to Jews all across Israel. It is devastating for fires to have destroyed such a loving community.

Incendiary Balloons and Arson

Although many fires were because of the dry weather, some were because of incendiary balloons from Gaza on Wednesday. Other fires were suspected arson. Although official conclusions have not been released, it has been reported that Israel’s Ben Shemen Forest might have been because of arson.

Israel can use some extra thoughts and prayers after all the shattering destruction.

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