The Squad attacks Trump and Israel as Israel confronts the world threat from Iran

by Avi Abelow

Instead of condemning Iran and thanking Israel for exposing Iran’s secret, The Squad is too busy condemning the Jewish state and President Trump.

Iran’s Secret

The secret is out – thanks to Israel. As Bibi said, “A year and a half ago we exposed Iran’s secret nuclear archive which revealed Iran was developing five nuclear warheads as early as 2003. Last year we exposed Iran’s secret nuclear warehouse in Turquzabad, which Iran used for storing materials and equipment for its secret nuclear program.”

Some of the world wanted to trust Iran, for some odd reason. But Israel exposed the truth. The problem is that even WITH all the evidence, the world is still acting ignorant. They are still pretending like Iran can be trusted. Too much of the world believes Iran’s lies, despite Israel’s hardcore evidence showing the truth. And Iran just laughs.

The Squad Won’t Call Out Iran

What is so fascinating is that The Squad is too busy blaming Israel and Trump to even condemn Iran. Even though what Israel is doing is helping the entire Western World, The Squad feels Israel is evil. It is so foolish. It is absurd.

Bibi calls on the international community to wake up! Support President Trump and his sanctions. Do the same – put pressure on Iran. The Squad just shows they do not care if Iran gets a nuclear weapon. Israel and Trump are trying to stop Iran from attacking us, and the far left seems to be trying to stop Israel and Trump from saving us. Oh the irony…

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