Iran laughs in the world’s face as they continue to build nuclear weapons

by Avi Abelow

Iran lied. Surprised? Why would anyone trust a terror regime to hold by any type of deal? Iran does not want peace, they want destruction.

Are You Shocked that Iran Lied?

Iran cannot hide it anymore! It is clear that they are building a nuclear weapon. Israel uncovered secret sites. The proof is available for all to see. Iran lied – obviously!

But somehow, the EU is still giving in. They are still choosing to let the terrorists win, and they will not take a strong stand to fight against Iran. The Iranian threat is real, and it must be taken seriously.

Iran Laughs

Iran is laughing. They continue to act as if they do not have secret nuclear sites, despite the fact that there is hardcore evidence that they do indeed have such sights. But maybe they are also laughing because they know that most of the world is too weak to stop them; that the world is too weak to actually condemn terrorism and put an end to it. The EU believes the Iran Deal is the way to go – even with the proof that Iran lied. Europe is appeasing terrorists! Bibi has compared Europe’s response to that of the 1930s – and it is a frightening comparison because it is true.

Europe and those who believe the Iran Deal will keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon need a MAJOR reality check!

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