Israel Exposes the Most Dangerous Regime

by Avi Abelow

Israel has been the most threatened country in the Middle East ever since it was established in 1948, from countless of countries in the region. Today, the most threatening country to Israel is Iran. But Iran has not just been a threat to Israel, today it is also a threat to the Sunni Muslim countries in the are, as well as the whole freedom-loving world.

For years Israel has been warning the world about the dangers of the Muslim regime of Iran. Europe has always ignored these warnings and former US President Obama also ignored these dangers. Together, Obama and the EU enabled Iran to continue its nuclear development and its global terrorizing.

Finally, the USA has a President that understands the dangers of the Iranian regime and Israel is doing everything it can to provide the intelligence in order to support President Trump’s actions to stop Iran’s aggression.

The Iranian Regime is using proxies in Lebanon 🇱🇧 , Syria 🇸🇾, Yemen 🇾🇪 and Iraq 🇮🇶 to destabilize the Middle East, one attack at a time.

Iran heavily relies on its largest proxy, Lebanon-based terrorist organization Hezbollah, to spread violence and war in the region. In the past three decades, Hezbollah has killed and injured thousands of Israelis in rocket attacks, suicide bombings and kidnappings.

The Iranian proxy’s ongoing activities in Lebanon and around the 🌎 endanger Lebanese and Israeli civilians and pose a grave threat to regional stability.

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