Terrifying that it has now reached this part of Florida!

by Avi Abelow

It seems never-ending. The attacks. The threats. Antisemitism is rising, and now it is in DeLand, FL as well. Can we stop antisemitism before it’s too late?

Stop Antisemitism

Are there enough people who want to stop antisemitism to actually make a real change? This case is frightening. A 25 year old named Hanson Richard Larkin in DeLand, Florida was arrested for threatening to kill Jews in a Chabad nearby. He said that he bought a gun with his first paycheck. So much hate. So much antisemitism. He wants to use his money to kill. How much more can the larger Jewish community handle? It is in Europe. It is in America. Nowhere seems to be immune to the age-old hatred for the Jewish people.

From the Entire Political Spectrum

Antisemitism is not just coming from the far Right. It is coming from the extreme Left as well. It is coming from radical Islam. We cannot blame one side or the other. We must stop it WHEREVER it is coming from! Blaming one side or the other does nothing to prevent further attacks. All it does is take the focus off of the real issue at hand.

A Jew should not have to feel afraid to walk the streets publicly displaying his religion. His life should not be threatened for that. A Jew should not have to feel afraid to go to the supermarket or the mall. And certainly, a Jew should not have to feel afraid to go and pray in a house of worship.

Click here for more information: www.stopantisemitism.org


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