Obama explains why he sold out Israel – Thank God he won’t be president again

by Leah Rosenberg

Obama says it plain and simple. He was never and never will be a friend of Israel. Obama genuinely believes that Israel has no right to determine for itself where it ultimately sees the Land of Israel borders. Obama supports a state for Arabs west of the Jordan River and therefore pressured Israel to succumb to Arab demands. Not one word from Obama about the nature of the Arab leadership west of the Jordan river. Not one word about the strategic threats that this would pose towards the safety of millions of Jews who would live within missile range of a future Arab state.

Arms Support for the State of Israel

The United States has NOT always supported the State of Israel with arms. It began after the Six Day War – not before. For the first 19+ years, the State of Israel procured arms via the French, via the Czechs, and nearly anyone they could buy World War II surplus arms from.

But following the Six Day War, the United States agreed for it’s own national interests to invest in supplying weapons to Israel AND to it’s Arab neighbors in order to have more leverage and control with what happens in the Middle East. Of course, this is also beneficial to weapons manufacturers in the United States. When the State of Israel began to manufacture it’s own aircraft, the Lavi, it was American businessmen, Congressmen, and Senators who bullied Israel into backing down on their own weapons production. The United States supports Israel because it is in their interest. Obama knew that he could not defeat Congress on the arms package issue. So, he allowed that to go through, but radically softened the United States stance against Iran instead. So, he weakened Israel by strengthening their enemies instead.

He was no friend and should always be remembered as a hostile President to the best friend and ally of the United States.

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