Belgium may become the next Muslim state

by Leah Rosenberg

Another Muslim state? Beware. There is now another country targeted by Muslims with the goal of a Muslim takeover. They have made it clear.

The Next Muslim State

In case there were not enough Muslim countries and states before, Belgium may be next. Europe has seen in influx in Muslim immigration. But the thing is, these Muslims have not integrated into Western culture. So now, once again, there is another plan to create a Muslim state. And this time it is Belgium.

The Muslims in Belgium want to take over the government. They want to institute laws that are completely against the Western world. And we cannot let that happen! It has already begun in other parts of Europe

The World Cannot Just Sit Back

The Western World cannot just sit back and watch as Muslims plan to take over the governments and the law of the land. Leaders want to accept everyone. They do not want to be labeled “Islamophobic.” But they are choosing to be “accepting” as they watch their countries being destroyed by a culture that clashes with The West; as they watch the freedom that once was be trampled upon. Western leaders fear labels more than they fear death and destruction. And if that does not change soon, then more countries will become Muslim states. More of Europe will slowly deteriorate and become something that no one wants to see.

Motivation for Terror
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