The Shabbat song that will uplift you like no other song can

by Chaya Cikk

Shabbat is the seventh day of the week, a day of rest, a day to spend together with the family. A day where families go to the Synagogue, and on Friday Night hear this sweet melody. A beautiful song that you will be singing for days.


Shabbat is a day where we turn off all electronics and refrain from work activities. As a result, families spend quality time together, enjoying each others company, which might not happen during the busy work week. Above all, it is a day of relaxation, to recuperate after a long hard week.

Lecha Dodi

Furthermore, Shabbat has many spiritual aspects to it. One of those aspects is the men go to the Synagogue, Friday Night for evening prayers, Shabbat morning and Shabbat afternoon.

This song is a beautiful song sang Friday Night as the Shabbat comes enters. There’s something about this sweet melody. Most noteworthy this song, which was written by Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz in 1579. Shlomo Halevi even incorporated his name in the song, the first letters of each stanza in Hebrew, are an acronym for Shlomo Halevi.

The Lyrics

Come, my Beloved, to meet the Bride; let us welcome the Shabbat.

“Observe” and “Remember,” the one and only G‑d caused us to hear in a single utterance; the L-rd is One and His Name is One, for renown, for glory, and for praise.

Come, let us go to welcome the Shabbat, for it is the source of blessing; from the beginning, from aforetime, it was chosen; last in creation, first in [G‑d’s] thought.

Sanctuary of the King, royal city, arise, go forth from the ruins; too long have you dwelt in the vale of tears; He will show you abounding mercy.

Shake the dust off yourself, arise, don your glorious garments — my people. Through the son of Yishai of Bet Lechem, draw near to my soul and redeem it.

Arouse yourself, arouse yourself, for your light has come; arise, shine.
Awake, awake, utter a song; the glory of the Lord is revealed upon you.

Do not be ashamed nor confounded; why are you downcast and why are you agitated? The afflicted of my people will find refuge in you; the city will be rebuilt on its former site.

Those who despoil you will be despoiled, and all who would destroy you will be far away. Your G‑d will rejoice over you as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride.

To the right and to the left you shall spread out, and the L-rd you shall extol. And we shall rejoice and exult, through the man who is a descendant of Peretz.

Come in peace, O crown of her Husband, both with songs and gladness; among the faithful, the beloved people, come, O Bride, come, O Bride.

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