News anchor destroys the Left’s take on the Middle East conflict

by Leah Rosenberg

The Middle East conflict is not as complicated as people make it seem. One side is clearly right, and one side is clearly wrong. Liz Wheeler breaks it down.

The Middle East Conflict

Much of the world looks at the Middle East conflict and blames Israel for the suffering of the Palestinian Arabs. They blame Israel for Hamas attacking ISRAEL. Does that even make any sense? What is the truth? Look at the facts. Who is right, and who is wrong? News anchorwoman Liz Wheeler perfectly explains it.

Who is Right, and Who is Wrong?

Who fires rockets incessantly with the aim of murdering innocent civilians? The terror organization, Hamas, along with its co-leadership the “Palestinian” Authority. Who makes their own people suffer? Hamas and the Palestinian Arab leadership. They even use their own people as human shields! The list goes on and on. One side wants the other side dead – it is so, so clear.

Israel, on the other hand, goes as far as to give medical attention to terrorists – to their enemies! They warn people in the surrounding areas that they will be bombing a certain target so that people can keep their distance. Israel is a democracy, Hamas is not. Israel wants peace, Hamas does not.

Israel Has a Right to Defend Herself

Yes, it is that simple. Why would Israel NOT have a right to defend herself? Why would anyone disagree with a nation defending themselves against terrorism? Especially in the US government – Israel’s strongest ally – no one should be criticizing Israel and siding with the terrorists. True, Israel is not perfect. But when it comes to terrorism, Israel is clearly right and Hamas and the Palestinian Arab leadership are CLEARLY wrong.

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