The next time someone asks, this is why Israel has a right to protect itself

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you know how many Arabs are in the Middle East compared to Jews? This video shows why Israel has every right to defend its state and citizens.

There are 350,000,000 Arabs in the Middle East. What about the Jewish population? Well, there are only 6,500,000 Jews in the Middle East. You don’t have to be good at math to realize the ratio of how many more Arabs there are.

Israel would love to live in peace with all these Arabs. But peace is not dependent on the Jewish state. Peace would come if the violent Arabs stopped educating their children and future with a murderous culture. They teach that killing is honored with the highest of rewards. What kind of education is that?

Israel Can and Should Defend Itself

Israel is fighting the world’s fight. They are fighting against jihad. They are fighting against the aggressive culture that so many buy into.

So then why is the world fighting back against Israel? Why doesn’t Israel have the support that it should have to continue doing what it is doing? Israel is protecting itself. But Israel is also protecting and helping the world. It is completely senseless that the world criticizes Israel for fighting terrorism.

A Shining Light in the Middle East

Israel is the one democracy in the Middle East. If Israel did not exist, terrorism would take over. Evil would prevail. Is that what the world wants?

Probably not.

So the next time you want to criticize Israel, think again. Israel has the full right to protect itself. And they are also protecting YOU.

Arab Incitement
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