Secret project exposes corruption in leading scholarly journals

by Leah Rosenberg

Scholarly journals are now filled with very specific conclusions.  What matters today is not the scholarship or the accuracy of the articles, but the conclusions.  This is sad, but also rather hilarious. Unfortunately, this is indicitive of the lies about Israel spread on college campuses and in academic circles. Academia today no longer cares about empirical truths, but about ideological agendas.

Grievance Studies

They call the field grievance studies.  They reached the conclusions that if someone contributes an article with absurd and horrible ideas, they can get it in. The key is to be politically fashionable.  They even rewrote a section of Mein Kampf, Hitler’s manifesto, and framed it in such a way that is was fashionable.    It got in to the journal!  This means that corrupt grievance studies  pervades many disciplines.  This is especially true as it relates to gender issues, feminist studies, and racist studies.  Basically, in today’s atmosphere of academia, any sociological studies have a clear bias.  They do not stand on scientific criteria, but on intellectual biases.

Civil Rights vs. Grievances

The short video makes an interesting conclusion.  It is that the civil rights movement was a good and just movement as opposed to the grievance movement.

The civil rights movement was based on rights and wrongs.  The grievance movement is not.  It is a based on fashionable politics and not on rights and wrongs.  That is why there are absurd conclusions that academics reach today.  The best solution to this is exactly what this video does – expose the absurdity.



Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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