Denmark’s unique courage during World War II saved countless Jewish lives

by Leah Rosenberg

During World War II, some courageous people risked their lives to save Jews. One of those countries that had such courageous people was Denmark.

World War II

World War II was one of the darkest moments in world history. It is horrifying for those who actually know the history of what occurred. And it is even more horrifying for those who lived through it.

Millions and millions of Jewish lives were tortured, burned, gassed, destroyed. Families were torn apart.

And what is so sad is that so many ignored what was happening. People knew, yet they chose to do nothing.

Denmark During the Holocaust

But some courageous people stood up during the Holocaust and decided to risk their own lives to save others. They defended the sacred souls that the Nazis and others were trying to get rid of.

Denmark was one such country.

There was the Danish Resistance Movement. People of that movement as well as other citizens helped more than 7,000 Jews escape to Sweden, saving their lives. They didn’t only save 7,000 lives, but they allowed each of those humans to create and expand their families. They are responsible for saving many more lives than just those 7,000. And they should forever be remembered.

Israel Thanks Denmark

Israel appreciates all the righteous gentiles who helped save Jewish lives during World War II. Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust memorial museum, has special memorials to remember the righteous gentiles.

Along the Jerusalem light rail, there is a special monument to the rescue of Denmark’s Jews. It is at the stop called “Kikar Denya” – or “Denmark Square.”

The Jewish nation values showing gratitude. And the Jewish nation is forever grateful to the Danish as well as all other people and countries who saved Jews during the Holocaust.

AND who stands up and defends Israel now?

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