Jewish music just got a whole lot better with this kids band!

by Leah Rosenberg

The Kinderlach children’s choir is so much more than a bunch of kids with cute voices and some moves. They represent a small revolution in Jewish children’s choir performances.

Blurring the Lines

Sometimes the Kinderlach children’s choir goes rather far-out with their choreography.  This raises some eyebrows, but it’s also what got them to be famous in the first place.  On example of their performances that surprises many viewers is this video.

I must say that I find them quite entertaining.  However, it is clear that these children are being raised to become independent entertainers and go off on their own when they grow up.  Indeed this has happened already numerous times.  Perhaps that is the best sign that they are indeed onto something.

In addition, that one video has already been watched nearly half a million times.

A Kinderlach Song with Lipa

The Kinderlach have performed many times with other famous singers.  One of them was the one and only Lipa Shmeltzer.  This video they call – “Kaf-al-Kaf “Palm on Palm.”  You don’t need to know any Hebrew to appreciate this video.  The basic idea of this song is that each of the soldiers will help defend each other and help guard the Land of Israel.

Another performance of theirs puts them next to Ohad Moskowitz at a wedding performance.  It is a masterpiece.

We look forward to more Kinderlach productions in the future.




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