Iranian National Olympic Committee ends boycott of competing with Israelis – but why?

by Leah Rosenberg

The Iranian National Olympic Committee made a bold decision. It seems like a positive move from the outside, but did they have ulterior motives?


The Iranian regime has called for the destruction of Israel. They want nothing to do with Jews. But should that be leaking into sports and Olympics? Should countries who do not “play fairly” even be allowed to be part of the Olympics and the National Olympic Committee?

National Olympic Committee

There are 206 National Olympic Committees (NOC). Iran is one of them. Despite the internal and external struggles of certain countries, they still can be part of the NOC.

Politics and sports should not mix. But some antisemitic countries have issues competing against Israelis. Iran was (is?) included in that. But now they have decided that they WILL compete against Israel. Why?

Not as Good as it Seems

It seems like maybe Iran is making a change. After 10 years, Iran is finally choosing to compete with Israel! Maybe the Iranian National Olympic Committee wanted to end the boycott of competing against Israelis because they want to move toward peace! If only…

True, Iran is now respecting the Olympic Charter. But it might just be because they believe “it’s better to beat the Israelis on the world stage than to lose to them on purpose because of a boycott.” That should not be the ultimate goal. The goal should be to compete against each other in sports because it is sports! It is not politics. Maybe one day…

Dr. Risch

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