The rest of America is ignoring the truth, but President Trump won’t

by Leah Rosenberg

America is ignoring the truth. About many things, actually. But at least one thing you can say about President Trump is that he says it like it is.

America is Ignoring the Truth

America is ignoring the truth about its congresswomen and antisemitism. The Left blames antisemitism on President Trump. That in and of itself is ridiculous. But then on top of that, they refuse to call out the real sources of antisemitism. Take a look at congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They say abhorrent things about Israel and the Jewish people. And what do politicians in their party do? Nothing to condemn them. Instead, they condemn President Trump.

But President Trump is going to call out the Jew-haters and the Israel-haters. Because sadly, it seems like no one else will…

A Culture of Hate

Yes, there is a culture of hate emanating from certain people in the White House. But it is most definitely not emanating from President Trump as NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio as well as others have stated. Take a look at the three congresswomen who have made it their goal to bring down Israel and the Jews. And then take a look at all their co-politicians who have done nothing to stop them; who never condemn them. That is where the culture of hate comes from.

Motivation for Terror
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