Former secret service agent slams NYC Mayor for despicable response to antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

NYC Mayor, Mayor Bill de Blasio, is humiliating himself and his party. The way he responded to the most recent, terrible antisemitic attacks is horrendous!

NYC Mayor Needs a Reality Check

The NYC Mayor needs a reality check. He needs more than that. Bill de Blasio tried to pin antisemitism on the best president the Jews have ever seen. Really, Mr. Mayor? Is it President Trump’s fault that there has been a rise in antisemitism? Is it his fault, the man who signed an executive order fighting antisemitism? The man who moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem? HE is the one from which hate of the Jews is emanating? Mayor de Blasio, please – look in the mirror and try again. Do NOT be so dishonest with America.

Cheapening the Gravity of Hate

What de Blasio as well as others in his party have done has cheapened the seriousness of antisemitism. He refuses to call out those who actually promote antisemitism – people like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar – and then blames those who are not at fault. He refuses to actually do anything to protect the Jewish community and instead just makes empty statements. It is upsetting. It is frustrating. And it is just plain wrong.

Playing the blame game instead of acting to stop the hate is just preposterous. How can anyone choose to play politics when people’s lives are at risk?

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