Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem is trying to help the Arabs – but is the international world stopping her?

by Leah Rosenberg

The deputy mayor of Jerusalem is trying to help the Arabs integrate and succeed. But the PA and the international world are making it difficult.

Israel Wants to Help the Arabs

The deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, is working hard to help the Arabs. She, as well as many others, want to help the Arabs lead successful lives. The goal is to have them integrate and be contributing members of Israeli society. But there are some problems. Firstly, the Palestinian Authority is not helping the cause. Mahmoud Abbas and his people incite violence. They teach murder and hate. And that does not allow for the “Palestinian” Arabs to succeed in life.

Secondly, the international world is funding the hatred. The UN? Funding incitement! They give foreign aid to the “Palestinian” Authority who in turn use that money to pay terrorists and educate children to murder.

Preventing Arabs from Succeeding

Another thing that prevents the Arabs from succeeding in Israel is the fact that the PA curriculum does not teach Hebrew at all, and they barely teach English. So by the time the students graduate, how can they be a part of Israeli society? How can they get a job, get higher education, or contribute to the economy? As Fleur Hassan-Nahoum said, “What the curriculum does is a curriculum of institutionalizing poverty.”

It is ironic because the international world blames Israel for the plight of the Arabs when in fact Israel is trying to help them. It is the international world that should be blamed!

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