A drone captured the real beauty of winter in Israel

by Phil Schneider

The Land of Israel is called the Land of Milk and Honey in the Bible. That is usually an image of summertime and not winter. But Israeli winters are as beautiful as summers too due the lush green vistas all across the expanses of the Land of Israel.

Unique Geographical Location

Israel is located right in between Asia, Africa and Europe. The fertile crescent to the east, the desert to the south, and the massive mountains to the north create a unique location for Israel to be a magnet for tourists. European and Russian tourists are drawn to the heat of Eilat in Israel’s south. Israeli tourists flock to the north in order to ski and hike through the many streams in the Golan Heights.

But in truth, it is not merely Israel’s nature that draws so much attention. It is the history of Israel – both modern and ancient. It is the fact that when you walk in Jerusalem, you are walking in the same place as King David and Solomon. When you travel across Israel, you are driving in the areas where Samson and the 12 Tribes of Israel lived. Moreover, when one goes to a location like the Castel, Ammunition Hill, or Latrun, and learns about the bravery of young and outnumbered Israeli soldiers who helped build and defend the country, one cannot be impressed with what has developed in this young country.

Debunking Media Lies
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