Iranian American Pleads “Do Not believe” the Anti-Trump Media Hype regarding the Millions Attending Soleimani Funeral in Iran

by Avi Abelow

Western media has been reporting about the millions of Iranians who have been attending Iranian arch-terrorist Soleimani’s funeral. They are all using this “massive” funeral to push the anti-Trump narrative of how Trump’s strike to kill him has now turned millions of Iranians into anti-American Seleimani’s, escalating the situation. But this is all misinformation, hiding the truth from the public.

Karmel Melamed, an Iranian American journalist posted the following message that the Western media is hiding from us all:

Dear Friends,
Many of you have asked me what the deal is with the Soleimani funerals… so I am sharing my information as an Iranian American journalist who is following this story closely. Please DO NOT believe the U.S. or Iranian regime media hype regarding the Soleimani funeral in Iran!

Journalists and bloggers in Iran that I am in contact with have indicated to me today that people in Iran have been forced to attend his public funeral by the regime thugs or face imprisonment or even possibly being killed. Iranians in Iran fear for their lives that is why they have come out to the streets to “mourn”. The regime has shut down schools, forced businesses to shut down and shut down public offices for this charade funeral! Children have been forced to cry for the TV cameras. It’s a big show and a big production the Iranian regime has undertaken to show they are in control and the people of Iran supposedly “loved Soleimani”. The regime has bused in Shiite supporters and their family members from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria for this big production… so the crowds will look large for the cameras.

The majority of people in Iran are quite happy this man who murdered innocent Iranians recently during the protests is dead. They are privately dancing and celebrating in their homes at the news of his demise. They are sadly under major duress from the regime and forced to come out for the funeral or face dire consequences!

This is like any other major funeral in a brutal totalitarian dictatorship… remember Kim Jong Il’s funeral in North Korea several years ago?! SAME DEAL here in Iran!

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