The real answer to why the Left hates Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The Left hates Israel. But why? Israel represents everything good, and it’s against what they believe. Dennis Prager lays it out here.

Why Does the Left Hate Israel?

It seems irrational that the Left hates Israel being that Israel is a democracy filled with all the freedoms one can hope for. No, they’re not perfect. But in that region, they are angelic. And really, compared to the rest of the world, Israel is up there as well in terms of countries that are “good,” so to say.

But Dennis Prager perfectly explains here how it is possible that the Left hates the tiny Jewish state that offers so much freedom. It makes so much sense now. And it says everything you need to know about the Left. As Prager pointed out, he is NOT talking about Liberals. He is talking about the extreme Left who are illogical with all their beliefs. People on the Left end up supporting terrorism and justify it, too. They end up supporting the bloody murder of innocent Israeli Jews – men, women, and children. And then they claim they are fighting for human rights and the rights of “Palestinians” who are “suffering” because of Israel, which is utterly false.

Their logic is so twisted. Prager was able to make it all clear in this video how irrational their thinking is. They do not care about morals. It is frightening when there is such a large movement that ignores basic morals.

This is not only about Israel. This is about the entire peace-loving word. It is about the side of the world that embraces morals. The Left’s beliefs affect the entire world. What are we going to do to ensure that good prevails over evil?

Motivation for Terror
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