10 of the coolest innovations created by the IDF

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel has created so much for the world in general. And the IDF specifically has changed the battlefield with its innovations.


This video shows just some of the contributions that the IDF has made to the world. For a country only 72 years old, it is pretty amazing how much the army has accomplished.

If you would have told a Jew living 100 years ago that the Jewish state would be reborn, they probably would not have believed you. And then if you went on to tell them that the Israel Defense Forces, the Jewish army, would contribute so much to the military world, they would have called you crazy.

But that is exactly what the Jewish story is – it is one that is filled with miracles and the unexpected.

Boycott? Bad Idea

What sane person would want to boycott anything that Israel has given to the world? That is a foolish decision. Can you imagine an antisemitic soldier somewhere in the world whose wound needs the “Israeli Bandage” but refuses to be saved by something made by Israel?

What about all the technology Israel has created? Not even only in the field of military, but also things that the whole world truly benefits from. It is nearly impossible to boycott Israel based on how much benefit the world gets from the tiny Jewish country, whether people are aware of it or not.

Let’s wait to see how much more Israel has in store for the world. It is only going to get harder and harder to boycott the nation of Israel.

Judea and Samaria Building
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