The miracle of what Israel has become in the last 70 years

by Michael Sax

What Israel has accomplished in the past 70 years can best be described as a miracle. What other nation has accomplished so much in 70 years?

70 years of miracles

The biblical Israel has been around for thousands of years, since Joshua led the Israelites into the Holy Land, and later King David made Jerusalem its capital. The modern state of Israel was declared in 1948. Back then, Israel had a small population of around 600,000 people and minimal resources. The Arabs attacked from all sides.

Despite the enormous odds against them, Israel survived and won the war! The country began to flourish as Jews worked the land and built their lives. 70 years has made a BIG difference.

Very quickly, Israel became successful in many sectors. Its technological innovations are known around the world, and its military – despite the small size – has nonetheless warded off countless terror attacks and defended Israel in many wars.

A light unto the nations

Consider the odds – that a small country, with limited resources, could achieve so much in such a short time! It is simply a miracle. But Israel doesn’t just focus on itself. Israel also wants to help others in need. So when disasters strike elsewhere in the world, Israel responds. Israel has sent rescue teams and medical teams to help earthquake victims. Its famous “Israeli bandage” is well known as something that can stop bleeding and save limbs. Israeli medical crews fly around the world to offer emergency care to hurricane victims, and they even treat thousands of wounded Syrians. Israel is truly a light unto the nations.

Reading the Bible

When one reads the Bible, they may look at it as words on a page. For anyone who has visited Israel, they know that they can now see the Bible in living color. We can see where Abraham walked. We can see the battle ground of where David fought Goliath. And we can visit where the Tabernacle stood in Shiloh.

Motivation for Terror
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