The digital dictators who are erasing history

by Phil Schneider

The main Big Tech companies created powerful tools that hundreds of millions, and even billions of people have come to use. But, more than we use their services, they accrue information about us. That data that they have gives them power. Enormous power. Too a certain extent, it is too late to make a change. But, we must do whatever possible to stop the Orwellian situation that the world finds itself in – especially the United States of America.

Silicon Valley is one powerful area in the United States that employs directly and indirectly hundreds of thousands of Americans. We need those jobs. But we need our free speech even more. And our free speech is not merely under threat. We are passed that stage already. We are already in 1984 today as far as Big Tech. The value systems of Marc Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, the heads of Google (YouTube), and Twitter, have more power over our minds than anybody would like to think.

Consider this. When you look at any website today, the advertisements that you see are tailored to the other pages that you have visited on the internet or searched for recently. You also receive advertisements based on your location and interests that you have expressed via “likes” on Facebook. Well, now that they now these preferences, they also decide whether or not you should be “allowed” to watch or read different ideas. And – they are doing it. The 2020 election was the first watershed moment when a massive collusion attempt was successfully made by Big Tech to bring down Donald Trump. They were indeed coordinated, and that is truly scary. The power of any one of the Big Tech companies is scary. But if you put them all together, then it is beyond frightening. The most important thing we can do now is join any social media outlet – like Parler – in order to weaken the massive Big Tech com? Congress needs to act too. Will they have the guts to go up against the big companies?

Dr. Risch

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