China Weaponizes COVID And Uses It To Rule The World

by David Mark

China may have not intentionally released the coronavirus, but they purposely allowed the virus to spread. The CCP run Chinese government covered up the extent of the virus early on in order to use it to bring much of the west to its knees.

According to Matthew Henderson, a former British diplomat to China, “The Chinese have weaponized this situation to interfere in democracies, to increase their control over democracies, interfering in elections, interfering in elite spheres, interfering in parties, interfering in key national infrastructure, interfering in universities – politically, and centers of excellence and research.”

While most of the world has cowered in fear from COVID-19, the Chinese and their global corporate partners have made a killing off the increase need for medical equipment and inexpensive goods ordered through online market places like Amazon and Alibaba.

Online shopping has increased with more and more lockdowns being forced on people around the world and so online advertising boosted Facebook and Google’s value even more.

CCP controlled China has created an interest in raising fears of an uncontrollable pandemic in order to increase control and profit. Global citizenry has little recourse or power to stop the economic reset and flow capital into the elite.

Until the West decides to cut Chinese control over its supply chains, the CCP will continue to call the shots and use its power to further weaponize a pandemic of fear in order to rue the world.

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