What Twitter does to President Trump’s account has been exposed step by step

by Leah Rosenberg

The way that Twitter treats President Trump’s account is truly shocking. They try to hide the truth. This is complete censorship!

President Trump’s Account on Twitter

Is this the America we know and love? Big, powerful companies are using their power to censor the truth. They are using their power to suppress opinions that they disagree with. YouTube, Facebook, Google – all of Big Tech is guilty, not just Twitter. This video shows just one example of what Twitter has done to President Trump’s account. It is just one of many, many examples. That is scary that this happens all the time to Conservative voices – not only to the President of the United States, but Conservative voices are constantly being silenced by Big Tech.

It is so clear that Big Tech tries to stop people from reading and seeing the truth. It is clear that Twitter tries to stop people from reading President Trump’s tweets and seeing his videos.

America is supposed to be encouraging differences. It is supposed to be supporting opinions of all types. That is a value of the American culture! But now, big companies are trying to get rid of the values that make America so great. And this should infuriate all Americans, no matter which political party they identify with!

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