Dennis Prager shows why anti-Zionists’ claims are foolish

by Leah Rosenberg

When Dennis Prager speaks, he tends to say it well – whatever “it” is. This time, he proves why the claims of anti-Zionists make absolutely no sense.

Prager on Anti-Zionism

Dennis Prager discusses how anti-Zionists are in fact antisemites. They claim they are not, but that is just dishonest.

The claims of anti-Zionists are summed up as follows:
1) They say they are criticizing Israel, and that’s not antisemitic. But the idea of anti-Zionism is being AGAINST the state of Israel, not just criticizing it.
2) Anti-Zionists make a false argument that Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism, and therefore, they are not anti-Jewish. Actually, God, the Bible, and Israel are what Judaism is made up of.
3) They claim Judaism is only a religion and not a nation. Another invalid statement! The Jews are referred to as a nation more than a hundred times in the Bible. You can have Jews who have different traditions, who are secular, and even who are atheists – but they are still Jews. Even if they try to take religion out of their lives, they are still considered Jews.
4) “Israel is a racist state and therefore illegitimate.” But what is that claim even based off of? Israel is one of the least racist countries in the world! All people are treated equally. People of all religions can practice their faiths freely. Even Jewish people themselves do not all have the same color skin.
5)”Israel’s origins are illegitimate.” Really? Out of all the hundreds of countries in the world, Israel is the only illegitimate country? Isn’t it ironic that it is also the only JEWISH country? Take a look at what happened with Pakistan and India. No one is questioning Pakistan’s legitimacy.

Why is there no “Palestinian” state?

Well, because they do not really want one. They would rather just destroy the Jewish state! The “Palestinian” Arabs have been offered a state on multiple occasions. Have they accepted any offer? No. They choose to kill Jews instead. They choose to destroy instead of create.

Just look at the facts. If you claim you are an anti-Zionist but not an antisemite, you really have to rethink your beliefs. Stop trying to fool yourself. And stop trying to fool the rest of the world.

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